Jobs Where You Can Work At Home

Have you been dreaming of a job where you can work at  home? Most people think how great the opportunity would be to work at home. However they do not know how to get started or what jobs are available. There are actually quite a lot of jobs that are great for work at home individuals. The following are just a few that are really great for this set up and that might work for you!

Website Builder
If you have any web design experience then you can easily work at home. You simply need to find some clients and start building websites for them. This is a slow process because you will need to market your services and gradually build up a clientele. There are many places where you can find new clients interested in your services. For instance, you could advertise your services from your own website or on forums. Both of these help you get the clients you need to build a job where you can work at home.
Of course, if you aren't ready to go out on your own just yet you can always find companies that will allow you to work for them as a website builder and still work from home. Finding these jobs takes a little more time and you need to prove you are responsible enough to work at home, but there are jobs available if you look in the right places.

Many writers work at home simply because it is the best place for them to get their creative juices flowing. There are many companies that need writers from technical writers to content writers and they are more than happy to hire you and allow you to work at home.
Then, there are writers who are authoring books and things of this nature. They can also work at home and make an income.

Transcription is another popular work at home job. This involves taking a recording of a voice or voices and then putting that into the written word. This is great for individuals who have attention to detail and who can type well. Not everyone will find that transcription is the best work at home job for them, but it does work well for many.

Email Responder
T here are many companies that receive hundreds or even thousands of emails per day. They want to provide a personal response to each email but they simply do not have the time to do so. As a result, they hire people to respond to emails. This is a great work at home job and you will find it is really easy and can work around your schedule.

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Start Your Own Baby & Toddler Clothing Resale Business

You may have started by clearing out your children's closets and selling what you found on eBay.

But have you ever considered doing this as a full-time business?

Why not open your own Virtual Baby & Toddler Clothing Resale Business? People love high quality, fashionable clothing, but don't want to pay a lot of money for it.

Babies and toddlers grow like weeds, this we all know, and it can be expensive keeping up with all this rapid growth. You can start a business that helps parents keep up without having to spend a lot of money. image

Says Donna Bliss of, "There is a tremendous market for children's clothing--particularly babies' because they are outgrown so quickly. The brand names are so pricey and offering them for resale gives parents a chance to dress their angels to the nines without going broke. My customers are so grateful and we can barely keep our 'shelves' stocked.  We coined the phrase 'pre-loved' because the clothing we offer is more than just used or resale--its the best of the best and there's plenty of wear left."



What is a Clothing Resale Business?
Clothing resale is what you make it. You can sell gently used clothing online or you can open up your own home based store ~ or both. What about baby necessities like strollers, bassinets and cribs? Why not include some unique handmade products to your offerings?

You can take items on consignment from local families, businesses, seamstresses and knitters; you can make bulk purchases from your local thrift store or you can buy up the whole lot at a local garage sale.

Your virtual business can include selling on your website, selling at online auction houses and partnering with other websites to sell your merchandise. Says Sandy of her online resale clothing business at, "This is a work at home option that only requires a few hours a day -- updating items that are sold and adding new inventory. You can put as little or as much time into it as you want."

Clothing Resale Supplies
If you are operating your resale business online, your supply list will be relatively simple:

Clothing & Items for Sale: Well, of course you'll need to get clothing and baby & toddler-related merchandise to sell.

Whether you purchase or take clothing on consignment, be sure to only take quality merchandise that is not well worn.

If you are operating your business online and people are making purchases based on photos, you don't want them to have any surprises.

Packaging & Boxes to Ship Items: You need to ship those orders. Make sure you have enough packing supplies around for fast shipping times.

Digital Camera: If you want people to buy your items online, you have to show them good quality photos. Clothes are photographed best on models (and they're so cute, too) or on a mannequin.

Clothing Resale Skills & Attributes

Marketing Skills: You need marketing skills to run a business. Many of these are skills you can acquire along the way, but be sure to do your preliminary research.

Organizational Skills: You need to keep good records of your sales and not just for tax purposes. You need to be able to keep track of which buyers have paid, which have received their items, etc. Setting up a spreadsheet or database with all the pertinent information should help keep this under control.

Customer Service Skills: You are selling to people who have never met you. You need to ensure that you customer service is impeccable to ensure good feedback on any online auction houses you use and to have repeat customers.

Clothing Resale Prices: Your prices will vary depending on the quality, brand name and what you paid for the items. Calculate all your expenses and determine what you can sell for in order to maintain a profit. You may want to give volume discounts.

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Start a Ceramics Business

imageWhat you will be doing. Crafts are a good way to make money doing something that you are good at and like to do. Pottery used to be localized to fairs and small town festivals. People would create their art while onlookers watched. Pottery has mainstreamed with the invention of places where you can pay a charge and create your own unique piece to take home.

If you like making pottery bowls, vases, plates, and other such items, you can make money at it. The more unique your pieces, the better they will sell. Pottery can be functional or used as a conversation piece. How you specialize in your business is up to you. If you create functional items, be sure that they can withstand harsh detergents, hot and cold foods and drinks, and constant wear and tear. Reliable products are purchased again and again.

How to start. If you are a potter, you already have the equipment needed to get started. What you want to look into is what is selling right now. You can experiment with your designs. Adding new glazes and shapes to everyday items are unique. Taking classes to learn how to create other ceramic creations can expand your business inventory when the time is right.
A digital camera will enhance your website by providing pictures of your artwork. If you want to appeal to the potters themselves, carrying a line of supplies will increase your start up costs depending on the price of the items.

Start up costs. For the serious potter, what will be needed are time and extra supplies to create an inventory to sell. If you don’t have a website already, consider building one. A website is seen by people all over the world. Budget in for the cost of a domain name and website hosting.

Skills needed. Potters should be artistic. The business depends on being able to offer new and unique designs for ceramic artwork. This business requires marketing skills on the part of the business owner to get their name and product out to the public. Use every opportunity at your disposal to talk about your business venture. Networking with other potters locally and on the web will provide tips and helpful information to enhance your knowledge of the business.

Marketing. Purchase a space at craft shows, flea markets, fairs, bazaars, and other venues. Teaching classes to future potters gives you a chance to show how you do what you do and bring business to your website and the product. Offer to hold a few free classes for craft stores in exchange for carrying samples from your line on a trial basis. Once the product takes off, offer to conduct pottery classes at a discounted rate.

With all the assembly line produced products around, people are looking for unique artwork to display. Your pottery can find its way into specialty stores and boutiques as well as craft and home stores.

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More Small Business Owners Are Winning the War Against the Recession

It's interesting when you start looking for something how easy it is to find. As soon as I started looking for small business success stories, I heard about others who were doing the same thing. One of those people is Andrew Ballenthin over at the Community Marketing blog.

Andrew's been on a quest to gather success stories from small business owners and he's had a good bit of luck. Check out these stories below and find a nugget of wisdom you can apply in your business.

  • The Personal Touch Makes All The Difference If You Want To Grow
    Before I started my business, I was undaunted by the task before me and the task of reaching out. The very first list of things you need to do in order to push ahead and be successful, is to recognize any and all potential withholds there are and may be, and creatively expel them. Knowing your audience is essential yes, but understanding your audience will allow you sustained success on a higher level.
  • Great Graphic Work Brightens Business Outlook
    Advertising is always the first business to feel a downturn but also is always the first to feel the upswing. I can tell you first hand that this is absolutely true! My graphic design/advertising business has really picked up the last few months when all other companies are really hurting and cutting back. I believe everyone else is feeling the ripples of what has been happening for the last seven or so years.
  • From Analog to HD: How Aberdeen Captioning Made The Leap
    During 2008, a year of recession, our firm, Aberdeen Captioning, grew 28%. Is it luck? No, I don't believe in luck. Is it hard work? Partly. Is it a blessing? No doubt. Our time had come. It was September of 2007 when we had decided to really go for it. We had a plan in place and took yet another leap of faith.

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